Importing and Exporting Wallets

Import and Export existing wallets to Zeal

Zeal makes the process of importing and exporting wallets easy—just as it should be.

If you’ve never created a wallet with Zeal and you want to import an existing wallet, start by clicking on the “Get Started” button after downloading the Zeal browser extension and clicking on the Zeal logo icon.

Click on the words “Reinstalling? Restore wallet” located directly underneath the “Get Started” button, which will load a new frame in the same window.

Use the field in the framed window titled “Create password” to create a password specific to the device you’re on, which will be used for unlocking your Zeal wallet.

Re-enter the password for access to the next step. See “Step 4” below for further instructions.

If you’ve already created a Zeal Wallet and now you want to import an existing wallet from somewhere else, here’s how:

Step 1: Open the app and click on the name that you use to describe the wallet or the circular icon. This can be found in the top left corner of the wallet. Clicking on either will open the “Wallets” window in your app.

Step 2: To the left of the window labeled “Wallets” is a plus sign icon. Click the plus sign to open up a half-page window titled “Add Wallet.”

Step 3: On the Add “Add Wallet” page, there is a section labeled “Import/Restore.” Click on this to open a new tab in your browser (titled “Import wallet using…”), where you’ll be able to select the method for importing your wallet.

Step 4: Choose the option you want to use for importing your existing wallet. The options offered are Secret Phrase, Private Key, Zeal Recovery File, and Hardware Wallet.

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