As a Zeal Wallet user, you can see all of your recent transactions and received assets by visiting the Activity category. To do so, click on the word “Activity” displayed next to a clock icon at the bottom of the wallet.

The Activity category of the Zeal Wallet displays actions made from and to your wallet (or a wallet you are tracking). Each individual activity listed in this section is separated by Today, This Week, This Month, and by individual calendar days, along with a 24-hour timestamp.

Additional information bundled into each activity block includes the method of the activity, who initiated the action, any tokens used, and their the amount gained or lost.

By clicking on a specific activity, you can see a more detailed breakdown. The information displayed will vary depending on the action. This information is broken into sections which include a default “General” section and other potential sections labeled: Balance change, Spend limits, Approved, Received, and Sent.

The General section can include the following information: Using, Received from, Sent to, Approve to, Revoke from, Transaction hash, Network, Network fee in tokens, Network fee in USD, Nonce, and Block.

By default, the Activity category shows results from all networks. However, this can be filtered by any specific network that you have added to your wallet. To filter your view of wallet activity by a specific network, click on the upside-down pyramid found in the top right corner of the Activity window in your wallet.

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