Smart Wallet v1 Beta Migration

On Wednesday March 27th 2024, we'll upgrade our Smart Wallet Beta from v1 to v2.

Smart Wallet v2 will work on desktop Chrome extension Zeal v0.5.0 onwards.

Smart Wallet v1 will not work on this new version Zeal v0.5.0.

We recommend you to move your assets from Smart Wallet v1 to another wallet.

If you need to access your Smart Wallet v1 you can download Zeal v0.4.27 here and follow these steps to install:

  1. Ideally create a new Chrome User to make sure you don't overwrite your current version of Zeal

  2. Go to Extensions > Manage Extension

  3. Enable Developer Mode (toggle on the right hand corner)

  4. Unzip the file with v0.4.27

  5. Click on Load Unpacked (top left corner)

  6. Select the whole unzipped folder (not the .zip file!)

  7. Ready! Zeal should install and you'll be able to recover your

If you already have Zeal installed in your Chrome user you will replace the current version for the one you downloaded. All your wallets will remain here. However, the extension will no longer auto-update when we release new versions. So I recommend you do this in a separate User session.

If you want the Zeal extension to auto-update you will need to re-download it from the Chrome Store here.

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