Sending crypto within the Zeal Wallet

Sending crypto via Zeal is as easy as 1, 2, Z.

To send crypto, open your Zeal wallet and select the “Actions” tab in the bottom navigation bar. Selecting Actions opens up a new page within your wallet. From here, click on the “Send” option, which will open a webpage in your browser for you to select the token you would like to transfer.

After selecting the token you’d like to transfer to another wallet, you’ll be prompted to select the address you want to send to.

Click the text “Select address,” which will change the page to “Send to.” From the "Send to" page, you’ll be able to search for an address to transfer funds to, add an Active wallet, or choose a wallet that you are already tracking.

When entering a wallet in the search bar that is not currently on your “Tracked” list of wallets, you need to press the “Continue” button at the bottom of the wallet window. Then, you will be met with a prompt to label the newly added wallet.

Choose any name that describes this wallet and press Continue (or press “Skip”). Upon pressing the Continue or Skip button, the wallet will be added as the address to which you are sending tokens.

Next, enter the amount of tokens you would like to send and press the Continue button.

This will prompt a transaction preview screen to appear. You can choose to either “Cancel” or “Submit” your transaction here.

When submitting a transaction, clicking on the bar labeled “Network fees” will navigate you to a window where you can change the estimated speed of the transaction from “Normal” to “Fast” or “Slow. Alternatively, you can also click the Advanced Settings button on this page for more options.

If you select “Add wallet,” a new half-page window will appear with the options: create, import/restore, Hardware Wallet, and Track.

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