Zeal Companion

Life is easier with a companion, and crypto can be too!

Zeal Wallet’s Companion feature is a small icon with the Zeal logo that is available on web3-enabled websites. You can click and drag the Companion anywhere within a window on web3 applications so that it’s never in your way. The Companion makes it easy for users to quickly swap between networks and wallets or disconnect from an application.

It’s also worth noting that website Safety Checks are displayed within the Companion window frame.

Before a user connects to a web3 application/website, the companion will display a white background color with a black Zeal logo.

Connecting to Websites/Applications

Clicking on the Companion while it is displaying a white background will display a three-step guide for how to connect to applications with Zeal.

Once connected to an application, the Companion’s background color will change from white to green.

When the Companion has a green background color, clicking on it will display a “Connected” screen, which features the name of the application in use, a “Wallet” section, a “Network” section, and a “Disconnect” button at the bottom of the Companion’s window frame.

Clicking on the dropdown arrow for the “Wallet” section of the “Connect” window frame will open the “Wallets” page within the Companion window.

Here, users can choose which “Active” wallet they want to connect to the application.

Switching Wallet Providers

Users can also use the “Wallets” page to switch between wallet providers.

If you wish to switch to Metamask or other wallet providers (once available), click on the “Metamask” button underneath the section of the “Wallets” page labeled “Other providers.”

This will take you to a page within the Companion labeled “Connect,” where you can choose which specific wallet provider to connect to the application. Click on the continue button at the bottom of the window frame to accept your choice.

Regardless of which wallet provider you choose to use, as long as Zeal is active in your browser, you’ll still be able to take advantage of Zeal’s website Safety Checks.

Changing Networks

If you wish to return to the window labeled “Connect,” where you can manually switch networks, click on the button for your “Active” wallet on the “Wallets” page.

On the “Connect” page, select the dropdown arrow/button under the section labeled “Network.”

Here, you’ll be able to choose to connect to the application on any of the 17 pre-installed networks, or you can push the plus button (in the top right corner or at the bottom of the window) to add custom networks.

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