The Security section of the Zeal Wallet includes functions for adding new accounts, connections to websites/apps, and an option to lock your Zeal Wallet.

Add new account

The “Add new account” function will open a half-page popup in your Zeal titled “Add wallet.”

As the name suggests, this is where you can create a new wallet, import/restore an existing wallet, link your hardware wallet, or track a wallet.


The “Connections” function will open a new window in your Zeal wallet where you can see all of the websites/apps to which you have connected your wallet.

Click on individual websites/apps to select them and then press the button labeled “Disconnect” at the bottom of the wallet’s window in order to disconnect from the website/app.

You can also click on the words “Disconnect all” in the top right corner of this window to disconnect all websites/apps your Zeal wallet is connected to simultaneously.

Lock Zeal Wallet

The “Lock Zeal” function is relatively straightforward. Clicking on this will immediately lock your Zeal wallet, prompting you to re-enter your password to unlock the wallet/log back in.

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