Bridging crypto within the Zeal Wallet

With Zeal, you can Bridge between 10+ EVM blockchains, all without needing to leave the comfort of your wallet and at no extra cost.

To use the bridge feature, navigate to the “Actions” tab at the bottom of the Zeal Wallet home screen and click on the bar labeled “Bridge”. This will open a new browser window for you to begin the process of swapping tokens between networks.

The new browser window will have a frame at the center titled “Bridge”. This window looks and functions similar to Zeal’s Swap feature.

There are two fields in the Bridge frame. One for selecting the token you want to bridge to another network, and a second field where you’ll select the token and network that you want to transfer to.

Not all token combinations (routes) are supported. Some token/network pairs may not be available or have minimum amounts.

How to Bridge Assets

When bridging with Zeal, routes are handled by and limited to the capabilities of our Bridge Providers. You can find the active Bridge provider for a route featured at the bottom of the Bridge window frame, along with information pertaining to Slippage Settings and Network Fees.

To Bridge from one network to another in the Zeal wallet, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First, select the network you want to bridge from and the token you’ll be transferring.

Step 2: Once you’ve selected the network and token, enter the amount of the token that you want to bridge to another network.

Step 3: Select the Network you desire to bridge to and the token that you would like to receive on that network.

Once you’ve prepared your transaction, press the Continue button highlighted at the bottom of the Bridge window frame. This will prompt your wallet to open a transaction preview page along with a Safety Checks dropdown bar (highlighted in green) and additional information regarding Network Fees.

Press the Cancel button to return to the previous screen (this will reset your order) or the Submit button to continue processing the transaction.

You’ll be able to see where the transaction is in the bridging process via a blue highlighted bar at the bottom of the Bridge frame.

Once the transaction is completed, this highlighted bar will turn green and feature the words “Complete” along with a link to the transaction on

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