Zeal Recovery File

Use an encrypted Zeal Recovery File to import an existing wallet

When using the Zeal Recovery File feature to import an existing wallet, first, make sure your browser is logged into the same profile associated with the Google Drive account that you used to store the file.

This step will fail if your browser (not just the email) is not logged into the correct profile account that holds the Zeal Recovery File. It will also fail if you try to recreate the "Zeal Backups" folder and transfer the file from another account.

After you’ve logged into your Google Drive account using the correct email and profile, return to the Zeal Wallet and select “Zeal Recovery File” from the options to import your existing wallet in your browser’s framed window titled “Import wallet using…”.

The Zeal wallet will ask you to allow it to view your Google Drive account.

Permit Zeal access and select the corresponding Zeal Recovery File on the following screen.

Then, Zeal will display a notification that you’ve successfully imported your wallet using the Recovery File.

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