Recovery Kit

Backup Zeal with an encrypted recovery file

The Recovery Kit option provides users with two options: Google Drive backup or Manual.

The Google Drive backup method encrypts a Recovery File with a password. To choose this option, hover over Google Drive backup and click the bar.

Clicking on the Google Drive backup option will open a new window titled “Before you begin.”

In your wallet, confirm that you understand the associated risks with this option to move on to the next step.

Next, create the password for your encrypted file and choose a Google Drive email address to save it with. You’ll be notified that Zeal Wallet wants to access your Google Account. Zeal will create its own folder in your Google Drive account and only get access to see and add files to that folder.

Click the Allow button to finish backing up your wallet and continue.

Should you choose to revisit the Google Drive backup Recovery Kit option, you’ll be prompted to enter the password that you previously created for accessing this feature. The wallet will remember which email address you associated with this process.

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