DeFi Portfolio

Easily monitor all of your DeFi positions in one place!

The section of Zeal’s home screen labeled “DeFi” displays your active DeFi positions across all networks.

To see more than just your three highest valued positions, click the “See all” arrow at the top right of the DeFi section in the Zeal Wallet.

Inside the DeFi section of the Zeal Wallet, you can scroll through all of your positions, or you have the option to search for a specific position (by platform/protocol) using the search bar found underneath the title of the window.

You can also filter the view of your DeFi positions by a specific network. To filter by network, click on the upside-down pyramid bars in the top right corner of your wallet (next to the X).

Each individual DeFi position shown in the Zeal Wallet will display the protocol name, the action being used (for example, farming), the total value of the position, and any rewards that can be claimed.

Clicking on a specific DeFi position will open a window for it within the Zeal Wallet. This window will display additional information about the position, including the protocol name, a link to the protocol, the action being used, the total value of the position, the supplied tokens, each of the supplied tokens’ total value, and any rewards the position has generated, as well as what token or tokens those rewards are distributed in.

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